Friday, March 28, 2008

Peep Season - A Week Late

I bought some Peeps the other day. They were there, on sale, and it was a nice, small package of five Peeps. they were the cute little purple chicks. I liked the color. Too bad I didn’t like the Peeps.

I wasn’t surprised. This seems to happen every year. The Peeps call me and say, “hey, here I am!” I buy them, I take a bite, I think about how stale they are. Were they that stale when I was young?

So, I think a lot of people have decided that the best thing to do with a package of Peeps is to play with them and have some fun. And what fun they have!

Here are some sites that are great Peep fun:
The Washington Post has an annual Peeps Diorama Contest. Here you will see creative Peeps photography at its best. Each photo is of a scene from a movie or is reminiscent of something we’ve all seen. It is really worth a visit. Try to guess what you are looking at before you read the caption on the upper left.
Here’s Peep Show II. It is the second annual Sunday Source Peeps Diorama Contest. These photos are of the 37 best entries out of over 800 entries total.
This is a photo essay of Lord of the Rings done with Peeps (The Fellowship of the Peep). I enjoyed it, and I never saw or cared for Lord of the rings.
This is a great gallery of the best of the internet peep pictures. Some of them came from my other links, but most were new to me.
Peeps for Passover photo essay. It depicts the 10 plagues with peeps. It is really creative and inspiring, and definitely fun.

This next link is not really Peeps, but a Peep-inspired set of video games:
Here you will find two fun-filled video games, Peeps style. One of them is Peep Invaders and the other one is Peepsteroids (Asteroids). I could see wasting a lot of time here, doing what I do best – procrastinate!

Lastly, here are some great individual photos:

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