Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saucy Grilled Salmon


bobby said...

Grilled salmon is my favorite way to cook it. Yours looking amazing... great photos.

DocChuck said...

What a wonderful post, especially the photos.

My wife and I enjoy wild Alaskan salmon, on average, about once a week.

Elizabeth is a doctor and is convinced that salmon is very healthy.

Personally, I am an EATER, and I love salmon.

So, together we are a team in agreement.

Thanks for your post, your ideas, and your beautiful photos.

Columbia, Maryland

Pam said...

Great photos and what a delicious looking meal. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy cook said...

Came here through RecipieMuncher.
That salmon looks delicious.

kelly.dee said...

I would have never thought to do it on the foil and still get the grill marks!

My fish will never be ruined again!

Thanks for the great idea!